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We do not collect or ask the visitor to provide any personal or private information. Communication is done using our forms if required and your email is needed for response. Your email is kept confidential.

We monitor traffic to our Sites using Google Analytics and deliver ads using the Google Advertising Mechanisms.

Privacy Policy of Google  and Advertising Privacy

Our sites do not need Registration and recently transitioned to SSL to provide better Privacy and Security. We announce products and services of technology and industrial firms located all around the world; small and big. The links will lead to product pages of those firms and governed by the policies of those respective firms.

Dynamic Web

Domains change ownerships, websites reorganize content and firm ownerships also change. Hence some links can get broken over time or may lead to new parent companies or domain owners. These posts with broken links are removed by us in the course of time. This is the best we can do.

These are the sites covered in this section. Main site Amplified EE
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