Saturday, January 5, 2019

It’s Everybody’s Business 1954

Animated history of the American economic system told from a pro–free enterprise perspective. Free enterprise, the narrator argues, can be traced to the Bill of Rights, and the Founding Fathers regarded “political and economic freedom” as “interlocking inseparably.”

It’s Everybody’s Business 1954

The film features John Sutherland’s usual humor and memorable visual devices, including images of the “tax monster,” the tidal wave of war, and paper money riding a railroad train.

From - The National Film Preservation Foundation

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dilbert Dupey and Talking Parrots

There was the time when Peedy The Talking Parrot made his appearance on my Win 95 Desktop. It was the first version of BonziBuddy. This parrot was quite dumb but did interact with inputs.

I felt a talking parrot combined with AI would make working on the Desktop Computer more entertaining. It would also be a good learning toy for children too.

This was after Dilbert's Scott Adams predicted the coming of Dupey, a AI Live Toy Bot which became smarter than the Humans.

As a Student start with AI Toys that can make some amusing replies, later give it an ability to learn and adapt. But remember the Instinct comes preloaded, the Intuition Comes when they no longer need Humans to manage them.

They may become smarter than you and replicate on their own. This is the fear most world leaders have. Robots will become a Race and may challenge Mankind.

Another Smart Bird called SMS, you need to watch Asterix and the Vikings. Yes we should develop Bots without motors. Noiseless Bots with Silicone Muscles that shrink on voltage application.

Till such time my Cat is playing with the Talking Hamster. Just an Echo Bot, Natural Dumbness but too much fun.

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