Thursday, February 1, 2018

DMM or Digital Multimeter

A nice DMM is the first thing you should own. Have one for High Voltage and High Energy and another for Workbench Testing.

Better to use external attenuators and shunts when high energy is involved. Make yourself and your instruments last for some time. Safety is first. Footwear and Gloves can help.

DMM or Digital Multimeter

A DMM with Rotary Switch, like the one above is popular. The Switches do give trouble after a few years. Better go for a Auto Ranging type. Ensure cables are not frayed or near hot objects.

A Lab Workbench DMM can be larger and with a higher resolution and Better accuracy. Resolution is the number of digits or decimal positions. like 2.348 is higher resolution than 2.3

Accuracy means how correct the reading is to a Relative Standard in the Workplace or an Absolute Reference in the Standards Lab.  1.034 Reading on your DMM for a Reference Source of 1.000 is pretty inaccurate. Send it to the Calibration Lab once a Year.

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